8th H3Africa Newsletter Submission

This is a call for contributions to the 8th H3Africa Newsletter- submission deadline 31 July 2019.
We welcome contributions in the form of articles of interest which may include:

  • An account of a noteworthy event you attended
  • A new initiative or technology you have experience working with.
  • A feature article on genomics research being done in your institute particularly showcasing the achievements in the last five years.
  • A service or tool you may like to provide or share with the Consortium
  • External awards, medals, funds or scientific ratings presented to any H3Africa member
  • New memberships to editorial committees or scientific boards
  • Highlight fellows who have graduated since the last issue or deadline for content (7th issue, March 2019) of the newsletter

The articles should be between 250 and 300 words, include author affiliations and preferably be supported by pictures (high resolution, good quality).

Example format of article title and author affiliation
Mgen Africa launch day
Ras, V (1); Nembaware, V (2); Stuart, A (3)
(1) H3ABionet, University of Cape Town
(2) Sickle Africa Data Coordinating Centre, University of Cape Town
(3) AWI-Gen, University of Witwatersrand