Presentation Winners

Description File Date (if any)
Tea/IEC & Funder meeting Thu, 03/12/2020
Report Back Session 2 Chair: Barry Bloom Working Group: Ethics & CE Presenter: Mary Kasule Working Group: Study Coordinators Presenter: Emmanuel Nasinghe Working Group: Sustainability Presenter: Alash'le Abimiku Working Group: ECTWG Presenter: Ourmar Samassekou Working Group: Enviromental Health Presenter: TBA Working Group: Microbiome TF Presenter: TBA Working Group: Outreach & Communications Presenter: Michelle Skelton Thu, 03/12/2020
Discussion & IEC Feedback Thu, 03/12/2020
Closing by Christian Happi Thu, 03/12/2020
a) yellow fever vaccination card b) invitation letters c) visa clearance letter (if applicable) in your hand luggage d) A universal adaptor e) Mosquito repellent
Kenya's first national park, Nairobi National Park is a haven for wildlife and only seven kilometers from the skyscrapers of Nairobi's city center. The park is also a rhino sanctuary, which protects more than 50 of these critically endangered creatures. In addition to the rhinos, you can see lions, gazelles, buffaloes, warthogs, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, and ostriches, and more than 400 species of birds have been recorded in the wetlands.
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