Study Coordinator Working Group Co-Chairperson: Keofentse Mathuba is a Nurse/Midwife working with Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence as study coordinator for the CAFGEN study. After working for 20 years in several departments in Government sector, she was assigned to join Prof. Gabriel Anabwani as Research Coordinator in 2000 and it formed the basis for her experience and the initial learning experience in coordinating a trial. Currently, she is coordinating the Collaborative African Genomic Network (CAfGEN) study since its inception in 2014, which its aim is look at the host genetic factors that influence the progression of HIV and TB in children.
Her duties as a study coordinator is multi-tasking and includes; maintaining the Study Master Files, assist in the monitoring and auditing of the study, processing and facilitates IRB approvals, coordinating participant recruitment process in the clinic, translating consent and assent forms, training other study staff members about the protocol and procedures, preparing and submitting study progress reports, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.
She has benefited a lot on job training and acquired more knowledge and skills by coordinating several studies, reading research related materials, online training and attending most of the H3Africa consortium meetings. These meetings were/are beneficial because they formed a platform for formal training, guidance, interaction and collaboration with study experts.

Study Coordinator Working Group Chairperson Dr. Nasinghe Emmanuel is a medical officer working with CAFGEN as a study coordinator. He worked as a clinician in HIV/TB endemic areas for 2 years before joining Prof. Joloba's laboratory as Research Assistant. His duties as a study coordinator include; 1. Maintaining the Study Master File. 2. Ensuring that all study protocols are approved on time, and maintaining active IRB status throughout the study period. 3. Coordinating the patient recruiting clinic with the laboratory and Biorepository. 4. Ensuring that all study samples are processed on time and stored at the required temperatures. 5. Ensuring quality assurance and quality control of all Laboratory processes. 6. Preparing and submitting study progress reports.

JP Maree is a final year PhD candidate at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, in the Department of Biochemistry under the supervision of Prof. Hugh Patterton. His research interests lie in epigenetics and genomics, the role of chromatin structure and architecture in gene regulation and expression. His current research focuses on the epigenetics of Trypanosoma brucei, an early branching dixenous protist that causes Human African Trypanosomiasis in sub-Saharan Africa. He is currently investigating the role of combinatorial post-translational histone modifications employed by this organism in regulating and demarcating its genome, and how these epigenetic marks facilitate host immune evasion. He was a founding member of the H3Africa Fellows Club and Newsletter, where he served as Chair and editor-in-chief, respectively.

He obtained his B.Sc. from the University of the Free State where he studied microbiology, genetics, chemistry and biochemistry. During his undergrad, he was invited to join the Golden Key society. Following his undergrad studies, he subsequently received his M.Sc. in Biochemistry Cum Laude from the UFS. He also attended several bioinformatic courses, hosted/facilitated by H3Africa and H3ABioNet, which focused on genomics and epigenetics.