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H3Africa Genotyping Chip Data Analysis and GWAS workshop

Overview (Content and Syllabus etc)

The H3Africa chip is being used by the H3Africa projects to generate data that will need to be analysed. The course will consist of two components; a series of online lectures provided by experts in that specific domain. These are to introduce the main concepts and theory behind population genetics and GWAS. The second part of the course for selected participants will be a practical Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshop on the analysis of H3Africa genotyping data using the H3ABioNet GWAS and Imputation workflows.

Targeted Learning Outcomes

- Be familiar with the steps to follow when doing a GWAS association study from getting their raw dataset, genotype calling to association testing - Be familiar with the use of the H3ABioNet GWAS workflow - Be familiar with the various steps and procedures involved in imputation - Be able to undertake the downstream interpretation of their results - Be familiar with the computational infrastructure needed to undertake a GWAS analysis

Event Theme/Subject Category
Host H3Africa Project/Organizations/H3Africa Working Group
H3ABioNet: A Sustainable African Bioinformatics Network for H3Africa
Type of Training/Opportunity
Dates of Event
Mon, Aug 20 to Wed, Sep 12 2018
City of Venue
Cape Town
Name of Venue, Institute
Online workshop for 4 weeks (2-3 hours per week), and face to face workshop at the University of Cape Town for 5 days.
Eligibility & Application Instructions
Application opens (online and face to face workshops): 30th July 2018. Application for the practical workshop closes: 13th August 2018. Link to application form:
Organisers/Organizing Body
Verena Ras, Paballo Chauke, Mamana Mbiyavanga, Ayton Meintjes, Suresh Maslamoney, Gerrit Botha, Shaun Aron, Sumir Panji, Scott Hazelhurst, Nicola Mulder
Extra information
Dates for the workshop: 20th August ? 12th September 2018: Online lectures on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. 8th October ? 12th October 2018: Face to face practical workshop (bring your own data)