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H3Africa 20th Consortium Meeting: Cape Town, South Africa

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Meeting Overview (subject to change)
Tuesday 21 February 14th ICHG Young Investigators Forum (TBC)
Wednesday 22 February 14th ICHG Opening with Francis Collins & Cocktail Event
22 FebruaryH3ABioNet 10 year Anniversary Meeting
Thursday 23 February 14th ICHG Sessions
Friday 24 February
Saturday 25 February
Sunday 26 February 14th ICHG Wrap-up & Closing Session
H3Africa Onsite Registration
Monday 27 February H3Africa Opening/Project Showcase, Emerging Leader, & Networking Exchange
Tuesday 28 February Keynote/Focus on Trainees/Project Presentations/WG Round-up of Outputs
Wednesday 1 March Conference Day
Thursday 2 March

Organizing Team

  1. Michelle Skelton
  2. Rolanda Julius  - Travel Fellowship submissions/Speed Presentations/Workshops
  3. Francis Agamah - Agenda/ WG Sessions/Plenary Sessions/Scheduling
  4. Tanian Natus - Venue/Accommodation/Exhibition Booths/Industry Sponsorships/Guests/Covid Travel Updates
  5. Shumi Chimombe - Press, Media engagement, Social Media, Communications, H3Africa Documentary logistics & Interviews/Workshops
  6. Confidence Mothiba - Tech: HtrainDB/Registration /Online/Social Media Platforms
Dates of Event
Wed, Feb 22 to Tue, Feb 28 2023