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Ethics and Human Subject Protection: A Refresher Course

Overview (Content and Syllabus etc)

This course provides refresher training to clinical research professionals who have completed the initial comprehensive ACRP Human Subject Protection course titled ?Ethics and Human Subject Protection: A Comprehensive Introduction.? When in need of a comprehensive refresher, this on-demand eLearning course provides a consolidated overview on the history and importance of ethical conduct in clinical trials involving human subjects.

Targeted Learning Outcomes

After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to:

Define unethical conduct in clinical research
Define ethical tensions in clinical research
Explain the difference between fraud and misconduct
Explain how ethical guidelines became mandatory in clinical research
Identify the benefits of adhering to ethical principals
Recognize the impacts and consequences of unethical conduct in clinical trials
List measures to prevent unethical conduct
Discuss how to approach suspected fraud or misconduct
The course builds competence in the following domains:

Clinical Trials Operations (GCPs)
Ethical and Patient Safety Considerations
Scientific Concepts and Research Design

Coordinator's name
Bridget Gonzalez, CCRC
Type of Training/Opportunity
Distance learning
Dates of Event
Wed, Nov 6 2019
City of Venue
Name of Venue, Institute
Bridget Gonzalez, CCRC
Eligibility & Application Instructions
Organisers/Organizing Body
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