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NGS Analysis for Monogenic Disease in African Populations

Overview (Content and Syllabus etc)

The programme will include lectures, discussions and hands-on exercises covering the following topics: Modes of inheritance African population reference datasets Experimental design for NGS studies in monogenic diseases Workflow QC Variant analysis pipeline Variant annotation Variant filtering Interpretation of genetic variants Ethical issues of incidental findings and variants of unknown significance

Targeted Learning Outcomes

-Formulate appropriate NGS study designs for rare monogenic disorders -Evaluate the content, data, annotations and use of databases and web-based genetic resources and tools -Appreciate basic principles and concepts of analysis and interpretation of NGS data -Be aware of appropriate methods, tools and resources in analysis and interpretation of NGS data with respect to rare monogenic diseases.

Coordinator's name
Alice Matimba
Coordinator's email address
Event Theme/Subject Category
Host H3Africa Project/Organizations/H3Africa Working Group
H3Africa Administrative Coordinating Centre: Enabling and Supporting Genomics and Health Research Capacity Building in Africa
Type of Training/Opportunity
City of Venue
Name of Venue, Institute
BPN Conference Centre
Eligibility & Application Instructions
H3Africa Consortium meeting/AfSHG conference attendees - The workshop is open to researchers/clinicians/healthcare professionals, with background knowledge in genetics and who aim to apply NGS analysis methods in their work.
Organisers/Organizing Body
Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Course and Scientific Conferences (WGC ACSC)
Extra information
To apply please follow this link. DEADLINE - 3 August 2018